4 Suit Spiderette Solitaire

Think your a spider solitaire master? Think your inhuman ability to shuffle cards around, and your ultimate patience is enough to get you through the hardest version of spider solitaire--in the world?!

Let's see if you can do it. This is 4 suit spiderette solitaire--the hardest version of spider solitaire ever. If you can beat this, you're amazing. Send me your high score, or post it to our forums, and let the jealousy begin!

Spiderette solitaire is very similar to Spider Solitaire. Learn how to play spider solitaire.

How to Play Spiderette Solitaire

  • Hardest version of spider solitaire
  • Fewer cards, fewer foundations, more suits...super hard
  • If you can beat deserve a medal
  • Seriously--go ahead and try to beat it!


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