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Wasp Solitaire Card Game

Wasp Solitaire is here to fly you away, folks!

Much like it's related card game, Scorpion Solitaire, this solitaire card game stings you where it hurts. It's not nearly as bad as the afore mentioned, but it's definitely up there.

Play this game when you're sick of losing at Scorpion Solitaire, but still want a hard-core challenge :)

Wasp Solitaire Strategy

  • "pretty difficult"
  • Similar to Scorpion Solitaire, but much, much easier.
  • Drop cards onto those of Same Suit & +1 rank
  • Click the cards in the top-right corner to play them
  • Make 4 columns, from King to Ace to win
  • Any card (not just Kings) can be dropped into an empty space
  • Try to create an open spot (column without cards) at the start of the game.
  • If you have an open spot, try to move a root card (top card in a column) onto another card on the table. You can move the cards beneath the "other" card into the open spot.
  • Now you should have another open spot to replace the one you just used up!


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