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2-Suit Enhancement

As exptected, I already found a way to improve the lucious card game, Spider Solitaire 2-Suit. The following is a quasi-coherent account of my thought processes while fixing a minor error in the card game.

This problem has occurred several times with spider solitaire 2-suit.

TypeError: Error #1006: DropType is not a function. at spiderSolitaire2suite_fla::MainTimeline/dropIt()

All times, it has happened when placing a card in the vertical center of the screen.

I was able to repeat this bug by re-dropping the card onto the exact same spot.

I click-dragged the location, and a big gray blur appeared over top of the affected area. I think this area is the blurred-out error message.

Try moving the error message off the screen once it has stopped its display.


Come out of your shells ladies and gentlemen! This card game spider solitaire issue has been fixed. You can now sleep soundly once again, knowing that no horrors await you as you play spider solitaire 2-suit to your heart's content.


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