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Card Game Solitaire Bug Fix

I was playing a game of spider solitaire (my newest card game) and I received the following "null pointer exception error." This card game is built atop the engine of my other solitaire game, so I think I have the problem under control. The problem seemed to occur when I had clicked a “new card” button, pulling ten cards from the stack and placing them in the tableau (layout). This is normal for spider solitaire, because you are supposed to click this button at least 4-5 times throughout the game to ensure victory—making it, indeed, a crippling error to the engine of my card games. I am now investigating this problem, both to fix the bug in spider solitaire and provide a general improvement to my card games. More solitaire news will be coming up soon.


This spider solitaire issue has been resolved. I’ve fixed this card game and will be posting a newer version of the game to shortly. Have fun!


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