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Yukon Solitaire

Here's a solitaire card game that should have hit this site long ago. Everybody, get yourself geared up for Yukon Solitaire!

This is one of my personally favorite card games, as it is an extreme challenge to win--which makes it all the more gratifying once you finally see all those sweet, sweet cards stacked inside their respective foundations. The card-dropping mechanic of Yukon solitaire is very similar to that of Klondike solitaire: you can only drop cards on those of opposite suits, and one value higher. But, the gameplay is more akin to that of freecell: the object is to get all the cards in the foundation, and all cards are present at the beginning of the game

Okay, if you're not all hot-and-bothered by that explanation, I don't know what it'll take! So, get out there and start hitting your favorite new solitaire card game: Yukon Solitaire!


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