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Calculation Solitaire Glitch!

While playing my latest card game, Calculation Solitaire, I noticed an interesting glitch: dropping the final (king) card onto the second foundation produced an error. Additionally, the king I dropped seemed to disappear altogether once placed onto the foundation, and the red marker disappeared entirely on the white counter box for that foundation. This could be caused by several things: the array used to keep track of what card is currently on the top of the foundation may be the culprit; or it may be something as mundane as a trivial problem with the algorithm used to move the display counter foreward. Either way, some extremity test-cases should be examined.

Sit tight everyone. I'll get this little issue hammered out before the end of the week.

This glitch was repeated 2 more times during the same card game when I dropped a king onto the first foundation. Identical problems ensued: runtime error; disappearance of the king card; disappearance of the red number in the white counter box.

Finally, I produced an identical error by doing something a little different. I tried dropping the king onto a foundation that had already experienced this problem. Ideally, it should not accept any card (because the entire set of acceptable cards--including the king--had already been placed on it), but it did accept the card and produced an identical glitch.


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