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Wasp Solitaire 1 Suit

Love Spider Solitaire? Try this fun new solitaire variation on for size. Wasp Solitaire is a great new game which plays much like spider solitaire, and this one suit solitaire version is the perfect game to start with! Wasp Solitaire is a game of moving cards around in order to create stacks of cards to make them disappear. Like spider solitaire, try and open all the covered cards as quickly as possible.

To play Wasp Solitaire 1 Suit: Arrange cards in the game from King down to Ace. Just like in spider solitaire, once a stack of cards is complete, this stack will disappear. You will want to create stacks from all the cards in the game. Make all the stacks disappear to win! This version is much easier because you only have one suit!

The difference between Wasp Solitaire and Spider Solitaire is that you can move any stack of cards, no matter what is in the stack. No solitaire cards are ever inactive, so move as many of them as you see fit. It really ends up being a solitaire game of sorting the cards in correct order.

Wasp Solitaire Fun

  • Easiest Wasp Solitaire variation
  • This game is a lot like spider solitaire.
  • Stack cards from King to Ace to make them disappear. Stack them all to win solitaire!
  • No cards are ever inactive if they are face up. Move any solitaire stack, regardless of what it includes, at any time!


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