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Spider Solitaire

Play the best Spider Solitaire on the web! Card game spider solitaire is free to download and play online. This one suit version of Spider Solitaire is played with just spades and two decks of cards, making it ideal for new card gamers to learn. Stack cards in ascending order (3 on 4, jack on queen, etc.), and eliminate cards from the tableau by stacking an ace all the way up to a king. Beat Spider Solitaire by eliminating all cards. If you run out of moves, you can place additional cards by clicking on the stock button in the bottom right corner of the game. Spider Solitaire also comes with an undo button (just in case), and a high score feature which saves your best record every time you play. Play Spider Solitaire for its beautifully crafted cards and spectacular visual elements. It will get you hooked to one of the world's favorite card games of all time.


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