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Wasp Solitaire 2 Suit

Uh oh! The Wasp Solitaire's sting is getting a little worse with this all new game from Card Game Solitaire! We are boosting the difficulty with this game, and introducing two solitaire suits into game play. Card Game Solitaire would recommend trying this game on for size before attempting to master 4 suit wasp solitaire!

Wasp Solitaire is a really fun game with a basis in spider solitaire. Create groups of cards based on suit in descending order from King to Ace. Once a complete group is made, the cards will be taken away. Remove all the cards to become Two Suit Wasp Solitaire victorious!

No card groups are ever inactive, even if there is a stack of different suits in no particular order. Thus, the wasp solitaire player may move the cards around in any way they wish. The completed match after moving the cards must be in decending order, though.

Wasp Solitaire Help

  • Two Suited Wasp Solitaire is more difficult than the one suit variety.
  • Create groups of cards from King to Ace.
  • Completed solitaire groups disappear. Make them all disappear to win!
  • Move any stack of cards but cards must be ultimately stacked in descending order.


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