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Scary Bug Fixes

It's Friday the 13th...wolves are howling; witches are brewing unseasonably halloween brews...all sorts of weird and exotic and mildly anxiety driving events are flowing through the atmosphere.

As the full moon reached its climax, it seemed to me like it was time. Time to do something fix some of these bugs that have been plaguging my new Poker Solitaire Card Game.

Because you guys gave me such a fabulously warm birthday greeting this past week, I've decided to dedicate this Freaky Friday evening to a just cause. The following poker solitaire card game bugs have been eliminated:


gone: bug where game periodically froze up for no apparent reason (caused when any player had a pocket pair, and flop was consecutive 3-of-a-kind)

gone: bug where game did not appropriotely save--now the game saves with every game round...and whenever you come back to play, it automatically loads (I also added a "new game" button...go figure)

gone: bug where players would not always get the straights they deserved

gone: bug where straight flushes didn't work

There are also a handful of other poker solitaire card game bugs that I fixed...but simply cannot remember. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy!


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