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Card Game Spider Solitaire Upgrade

I was playing spider solitaire, and I discovered another subtle issue. There was king in the tableau which had a queen (and various other cards) stacked atop it. Though all the cards stacked atop the king where “white” and active, the king remained “gray” and inactive. This may not be a fatal flaw in the card game, as it is just a nice feature I felt like adding to spider solitaire to make appearance in the card layout more legible.

Even stranger, I continued to play solitaire to see where the card game would take me. I clicked on the stock, and drew a few more cards. Then, while playing around with cards in the tableau, I eventually dragged the card that appeared atop the king-4 card stack (shown below)—and the king suddenly became active again!


This card game solitaire problem has been fixed. Check back for more card game updates!


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