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Poker Solitaire Final Release

Finally! Card game poker solitaire is finished!

For all you die hard texas holdem and solitaire card games fans out there, this is a very special date: the Texas Holdem Poker Solitaire card game on this website has finally been promoted to "version 1.0", from it's previous beta version. This fabulous card game now has all the following features:

Card game saves every time you leave

Click "new game" button to start afresh

Multiple AI personalities to learn

No need to waste time with other people--practice the game all on your own!

Realistic Texas Holdem Odds and gameplay to help you master the odds

Detailed sound and graphics keeps your visually stimulated as you play

This solitaire card game really takes the game. It's shows the dawning age of a whole new line of poker and solitaire card games that I will be working on in the near future. Additioanlly, I have implemented a multiplayer version of this game, which will be released shortly on this website's cousin, Free Poker Games



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