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Card Game Improvement

I discovered a small problem with the original card game on this site: normal solitaire. The problem is caused by placing a card in the foundation, and then building up another card on top of the original foundation card, as if the foundation card were in the tableau. I have total confidence in that I can fix this card game with relative ease, making it safe, once again, to play solitaire. The issue should be very simple: add another condition for the solitaire, so that the card game first checks to see if the card its dropping on is in the foundation. If so, then the card will simply return to its original position in the tableau. I will, as usual, post on when the solitaire game is fixed.


This has been fixed in card game solitaire, spider solitaire, freecell solitaire, and all other klondike and patience card games on this site.


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