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Poker Solitaire

Everybody loves a little poker, right? Why not poker solitaire? Well...maybe you don't like it cuz it had a bug...


Last night, I stayed up til the crack of dawn debugging this new poker solitaire card games (yes...that's right...I work 50 hours a week at my job, but I still find the time to work on these games in my "spare" time, folks :)

Up until about twelve hours ago, there was a bug that prevented your solitaire poker game from giving the correct payouts to the correct players--specifically, you may have noticed, when a player dropped from the game round, but still won, because he had a better hand....

Well, fear no more! 'Cuz this poker solitaire bug is officially EXTRICATED from the card game!

More poker solitaire card game updates coming soon...


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