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Spiderette Solitaire

Tired of the same old spider solitaire card games? Want a little variety, but still want to hold on to your current spider solitaire skill set?

Well--look no further. Cuz we got a game for you!

Introducing Spiderette Solitaire--a whole new way to play Spider Solitaire. It's very similar to the afore mentioned card game, but with a few minor tweaks to keep you salivating for more!

Spiderette solitaire only uses one deck of cards, meaning it's a smaller game. But, on the flip side, there are fewer foundations to drop your cards onto--forcing you to pay more attention to your game.

Think your a spider solitaire master? Well, here's your latest challenge. First, see if you can beat Spiderette solitaire...and once you're there, see if you can beat your best friend's highest score!


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