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Solitaire Homepage Science

Yesterday, this card game site added a "make this site your homepage" button at the top of each page...and what turmoil it's caused!

While checking out my "card game solitaire" analytics on google, I discovered that my bounce rate (% of people who leave the site) had nearly doubled in the past twenty-four hours! Could this be linked to the new "make this solitaire site your homepage" addition?Furthermore, it appears that the average time spent playing card games on this site has reduced to about half of what it was just a day ago.

Alright, people, the traffic speaks for itself. If you don't like the new "add this solitaire site as your homepage" feature, I'll gladly remove it. But--against my strongest urges to take it off this card games site right now--I'm going to give it until the end of the week to ensure that my observations aren't just fluke. I'm just trying to follow some logical methodology here...

Call it Solitaire Science


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